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Save your money and refinish instead

Quality hardwood flooring products provide the option of removing the exterior finish and replacing it with a new layer. Our team has more than 20 years of experience expertly refinishing hardwoods.

You'll get beautiful results

• Get a FREE initial consultation to talk about your options

• You'll receive a FREE estimate for the work you need done

• Comprehensive floor prep, including sanding

• Sanders that create virtually no dust - keeping your home clean!

• Expert flooring and finishing

• Precision results you'll love

• Competitive prices that are even better

Are you ready to get started?

Even if you aren't sure that refinishing your hardwoods is an option, call our experienced techs at 952-913-5274... you can get hardwood resurfacing services or replace your existing floors with our installation service. We pride ourselves in providing excellent workmanship on all of our jobs.

Update your flooring look

We save you money. You'll get FREE estimates and manufacturer pricing for all of our high-quality products.

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